You’re an entrepreneur.

And umm, why didn’t anyone tell you about the never-ending behind-the-scenes work that you’d have to do ALL BY YOURSELF?!

No way is there enough time in the day for all that.
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You’re missing out on prospective clients, things are falling through the cracks, and a big ol’ cloud of anxiety is looming in the back of your mind.

Perhaps you’d rather walk over hot coals than do the tech-y tasks of your business?

You need to get all the things done, you just also need an extra set of hands.

That’s where I come in.

An experienced assistant at your service to knock all those tasks off your to-do list.

I’m a Tech VA, and I specialize in getting.shit.done.
Like digital marketing, CRM platform management, and web design for small business owners like YOU!


I love assisting solo-preneurs as much as I love snuggling babies.


I was a nanny for 20 years and worked in early childhood centers for 8 years.

When I was little? You could find me in the child care room gently pushing the babies in the swings, instead of playing with toys.
I love babies so much that I have a whole degree in Early Childhood Education.

That’s my favorite niece in the photo. She was my last official nanny job (I’m not crying, you’re crying) because I wanted to focus on growing this little tech biz of mine. 

Why on earth am I telling you all this?!

Because I love what I get to do as a Tech VA & Web Designer, as much as I love snuggling babies.

And now? All that love I have for the littles and their development is being poured into the growth of small businesses like yours! 

Ready to work
with me?


Things I’d Love to Help You With


New web design, updates, refreshes, etc!
I offer Wordpress website design, hosting and maintenance. 

CRM Management

I’d love to assist in regular review and management of your CRM, setting up campaigns/automations, newsletter templates, lead gen, etc! 
[Ontraport, Klaviyo, kvCore, etc.]


Let’s get your online store to show off your goods in the best kind of way. I can help with set-up, writing catchy and converting product listings, theme updates, plug-in apps, and SEO.


As a true word-nerd, with years of experience and training, I’ll happily write up some marketing emails or webpage copy for you!

Data Privacy

I’m a Certified Agency Partner with Termageddon. I can set-up and provide a license for your website for: Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and Disclaimers.

SEO Writing

I can audit/optimize your blog posts for more chances for those search engine robots to show your post to humans. 

I offer a wide array of digital marketing and automation skills. Head over to the VIP Days page to learn more and get your time with me booked!

VIP DAYSlauren in SF

This is how I feel when you hire me to get.shit.done. for your business.

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